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Where can find the best WHL betting?  Unibet  is the only place.

Unibet is a top-level online sportsbook.  You’ve likely never heard of them because they don’t advertise in Canada.  This is understandable as their main market is Scandinavia.  After all, they are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and were founded in 1997.  

First the good news: If you want to bet on the Western Hockey League, Unibet is the only service that I’ve seen that allows you to do it.  I’ve reviewed over nearly 30 international betting services.  In addition, Unibet allows betting in Canadian Dollars so will can avoid currency exchange fees.  In addition, Unibet also has one of the nicest interfaces which makes navigation around the site very easy.  They offer full mobile betting and live betting for the major sports leagues and events. When you arrive at the main Unibet page as shown to the right of the screen here, all the sports will be listed alphabetically in the left hand column.  Click on “Ice Hockey” and then “Canada” to find the WHL games.

So why is Unibet not included in my list for the best hockey betting sites for Canadians?  It was a difficult decision.  I was on the fence because they are the only sportsbook to offer Major Junior Hockey wagering .  However, Unibet does not have as many Canadian-friendly funding methods as compared to my top sites.  You will see the Unibet accepted methods for Canadians to the right.  You can deposit using your credit card, bank wire transfer or by Ukash.  Ukash vouchers or cards act like gift cards that you can buy at any one of several thousand retailers and then redeem at Unibet for up to $300 at one time.  Bank transfers are nearly limitless in terms of the amount if you’re interested in higher amounts for deposit or withdrawal.  Unfortunately, none of the Canadian-friendly e-wallet or bank debit providers are accepted by Unibet.  The two big e-wallet providers that Unibet accepts for funding, Skrill and Neteller, no longer provide service to Canadians when used for gaming or sportsbook services.

This is the only reason I did not include Unibet in my list of the best hockey betting sites.  Most people are looking for NHL betting and all my top four sites offer a wealth of NHL betting options plus a large list of Canadian-friendly funding methods.  Thus for most visitors to my site, my main list will suffice as it hits on all the important points for most people.  However, if betting on the WHL, other Junior leagues, AHL or KHL is attractive to you, then you will certainly be able to overcome this minor issue of limited available funding method options and use the available methods to get started.  Read about a an even wider selection of WHL betting sites for Canadians.

Unibet Canadian Funding Methods